X50 Pure White™

X50 Pure White™, the whitening formula of the X50 Capsule™, is a safe whitening technology that works on over-expressed melanocytes and helps control UV-induced and facultative pigmentation. This capsule technology is the most advanced delivery system, as it binds exclusively to the desired receptor and releases the active ingredients steadily over time for high efficacy & maximum results.

3D Prolonged Release Matrix

A novel technology consisting of an innovative matrix structure that helps to control and prolong the release of active compounds into the skin for immediate & long lasting effects.

Phase Synchronous Boost Therapy™

An effective system combining four interdependent, synchronous actions to fight the formation of acne and skin irritation – Eliminate bacteria > Normalize sebum > Soothe & Calm inflammation > Repair pores.


P-Biolin is a valuable prebiotic derived from Yeast that supports beneficial skin bacteria in fighting harmful bacteria and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. It also aids in plumping & firming, as well as improving the skin’s vitality & radiance.